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  1. Chris T

    Novea 1-28 Vote goodiebag - January

    Hey Noveans For this start of the month's events we'll be hosting the 1-28 vote goodiebag again! We'll be hosting the 1-28 Vote goodiebag event for the next couple of weeks. Chris will be the one giving out picks between a number of 1-28 which will correspond to an item in the following...
  2. Chris T


    Done! ^^
  3. Chris T

    Gambling Guide

    Good guide ;) soon automated gambling will be out!
  4. Chris T

    Novea Updates 20/11/2021

    Hello Noveans, Today we have a game update with new content, revamping of older content & other fixes Brought to you by sparc blac Crystal Armour & Weapons You can kill various Crystalline monsters for a chance to receive an enhanced crystal key. You may find Crystalline monsters by using...
  5. Chris T

    Hi all (maybe new player!)

    Welcome TeunXgoku Novea is an OSRS DEOB which means we're the same server base as OSRS which should be perfect for what you're looking for :) You can use the teleport wizard at home to guide you all around Novea. Be sure to watch the tutorial upon your first time logging in! - Chris
  6. Chris T

    Dagg King DC/lagg lost everything

    Read your discord DM!
  7. Chris T


    I have disabled your 2FA brother.
  8. Chris T

    Abyssal Sire mock video Enjoy

    Great video and nice editing! Skill cape
  9. Chris T

    Donator Benefits

    Yep we've got a whole list of new perks. Just been busy with other updates having priority ^^
  10. Chris T

    help cant login

    Hey brother you should be able to login now ^^
  11. Chris T

    Still logged in

    Kicked you brother!
  12. Chris T

    14/9/21 Novea Update: Mobile Overhaul - Bug Fixes - QOL & More!

    More updates coming soon guys!
  13. Chris T

    Novea Updates 2/9/2021

  14. Chris T

    Teh Beast has arrived

    Welcome brother glad to have you join the Novea community! :D
  15. Chris T

    Novea Updates 2/9/2021

    What kind of descriptions are you referring to?
  16. Chris T

    Novea Updates 2/9/2021

    Yea i could add them to the iron shop too but we'd have to ask what the community thinks as it might be easyscape, since ironmen are supposed to make their own supplies ^^
  17. Chris T

    Novea Updates 2/9/2021

    Hello Noveans, Today we have a big game update which brings in new armours, bosses, 200M XP capes, increased droprates & more! New Bosses & armour There are 3 new world bosses that will spawn every 6 hours in the world of Novea. These bosses are very strong and should be defeated by multiple...
  18. Chris T


    I can refund you brother, just shoot me a message ingame PM ^^
  19. Chris T


    Hey Degmantis, Could yo tell me some more about this specific situation? Screenshots of the conversation would help. That way i can see if staff stepped out of boundaries or acted accordingly. - Chris
  20. Chris T

    Loot from 100+ Different Clue scrolls!

    Plenty of times we've been asked what people can receive from the various Clue scrolls that can be completed ingame. We've uploaded a video on the Novea Youtube channel showcasing the loot from 100 Clues! (All tiers)