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  1. Chamon

    Hello! And Help Please:)

    Do you still need assistance? PM me on Discord or Reply to this thread and I'll try to help you out. Chamon#0001
  2. Chamon

    signed up but cant login?

    Also, are you signing into the mobile client with your forum information?
  3. Chamon

    signed up but cant login?

    Hey! Welcome, what error code or message are you receiving? You followed the steps to make the client work for mobile right? Hopefully we can sort this issue out and get you playing asap!
  4. Chamon

    Novea Updates 2/4/2021

  5. Chamon

    Donation problem

    Heya! So, first off, thank you for donating to novea. Sorry you’re having issues. What are you planning on doing with the credits? If you plan on using them to buy items in the store you can simply use them to buy then claim your purchase from the store manager in the building north west of the...
  6. Chamon

    Chambers of Xeric - FULL RAIDS GUIDE

    This is a Beautiful Guide! Thank you for sharing your knowledge man!
  7. Chamon


    What seems to be the problem? You can message me on Discord via Chamon#4483
  8. Chamon


    I wish I were funny. Great event! Can't wait to laugh with everyone.
  9. Chamon

    Donator Benefits Suggestion

    I like a lot of those perks you suggested. We do need to add some more benefits to donating especially the last two tiers.. Thank you!
  10. Chamon

    Hey guys. Nice to be apart of the community

    Hello, you need some help? Chamon
  11. Chamon

    can't pick up marks of grace

    Hey! So sometimes those marks will double spawn, but you will always be able to pick up one of the duplicated stacks of marks when they first spawn. If you're not using a bonus exp scroll you can relog and they should disappear. I hope this helps and if you have any further questions or...
  12. Chamon

    Voting on a Mobile Device (All Three Sites)

    Hello Noveans, I've heard many excuses about not being able to vote on mobile and I'm here to provide you with Myth-busting evidence! Here's a quick and easy guide on how to vote on any mobile device: - Step 1: Download Google Chrome or check that your phone's browser is capable of changing...
  13. Chamon

    MAX ACCOUNT RACE Final Try for me on the HCIM. RIP me.
  14. Chamon

  15. Chamon

    Find the goodiebag with proof of the vote!
  16. Chamon

    Find the goodiebag with proof of the vote!
  17. Chamon

    Find the goodiebag with proof of the vote!

    Did someone say, "FREE L00T"? TYVM Terso :)
  18. Chamon

    Find the Goody Bag with proof of Vote
  19. Chamon

    Flower Poker Tournament - FREE BUY IN

    I'll be there throwing busts ;)
  20. Chamon

    3 word story

    behind a tree