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  1. sparc blac

    Gambling Guide

    Nicely written <3
  2. sparc blac

    Hi all (maybe new player!)

    Welcome! I currently play Novea's ironman gamemode and it's such a rewarding gamemode. Novea is probably the closest thing to osrs you'll find out there (obviously with our own twist, but nothing too crazy custom or anything). This server caters to the people (like me) who don't have all day...
  3. sparc blac

    please help client says im standing in a member zone im new please help

    Are you on mobile? You have to choose a members world at the bottom left to log in. Also make sure you're using your forum account to log in-game
  4. sparc blac

    Loyalty chest

    The loyalty chest resets if you dont claim your next day within 12 hours of having access to the next day. For example, I claim my chest at 5 pm on monday. Tuesday I can claim it again at 5 pm, but if I dont claim it by 5 am on wednesday - it resets. Sorry brother :/
  5. sparc blac

    Abyssal Sire mock video Enjoy

    Super cool :P
  6. sparc blac

    Novea suggestions - please read

    I think you definitely have a lot of good suggestions here, some that have been said, some that haven't. In regards to your suggestion on the tournament changes - rarely do I ever see anyone having trouble with getting a tournament to start honestly. They're only every 6 hours so people do...
  7. sparc blac

    1086 kills later.......

    It's always the vesta legs XD but damn 9 malediction shards and 4 tops before leg drop haha. Gratz brother
  8. sparc blac

    Novea's PVM Bingo Board!

    Hello Noveans! We are here with a brand new Novea event, This is, Novea PVM Bingo! How It Works - Fill in the most squares on the bingo board and come away with the top prize! - When you receive a drop, make sure to take a screenshot with your in-game name AND DATE (no date = no square)...
  9. sparc blac

    Inquiry about Donator Boss Kill Limit

    I believe you have to wait 24 hours after upgrading to the next tier of donator rank for your kills to update if you've already killed them today. Check back tomorrow and pm me if you're still having issues, Sparc blac#8735 on discord
  10. sparc blac


    Dark Tuxedo Outfit - 25m~ Light Tuxedo Outfit - 25m~ Briefcase - 25m~ Katana - 15m~ Samurai Outfit - Unknown ~ Dragon Cane - 5m (5m) Dragon Masks - 5m each (5m) Red Menaphite Outfit - 50m~ Purple Menaphite Outfit - 50m~ God D'hide Boots - 10m - 15m
  11. sparc blac


    Monk's Robe Top (G) - 30m - 40m (40 vote tickets) Monk's Robe (g) - 30m - 40m (40 vote tickets) Amulet of Fury - 4m - 5m (3m) Mage's Book - 5m Master Wand - 2m -5m (1.5m) Dragon Crossbow - 35m - 45m (20m) Toxic Staff of the Dead - 75m - 80m (60m) Ranger Boots - 75m - 150m Robin...
  12. sparc blac


    Dragon legs/skirt Orn Kit - 20m Anguish Orn Kit - 100m (80 vote tickets) Tormented Bracelet Orn Kit - Broken atm (80 vote tickets) Torture Orn Kit - 100m (80 vote tickets) Fury Orn Kit - 25m (24 vote tickets) Dragon Scimitar Orn Kit - 25m (24 vote tickets) Occult Orn Kit - 100m (80...
  13. sparc blac


    Novea Credit - 5m - 7m Sled - 3b+~ Scythe - 2B~ Ankou Set - 3b - 4b~ Mummy Set - 2b - 2.5b~ Anti-santa Outfit - 3b - 5b~ Santa Outfit - 2b - 5b~ Zuriel's Hood - 75m - 80m (70m) Zuriel's Robe Top - 125m - 150m (100m) Zuriel's Robe Bottom - 125m - 150m (100m) Zuriel's Staff -...
  14. sparc blac


    Red Party Hat - 1500m - 2b Yellow Party Hat - 1.5b - 2b Green Party Hat - 1500m - 2b Blue Party Hat - 1.5b - 2b Purple Party Hat - 1500m - 2b White Party Hat - 1.5b - 2b Black Party Hat - 1.8b - 2b Rainbow Party Hat - 2b - 3b Party Hat With Specs - 800m - 900m Christmas Cracker...
  15. sparc blac


    Imbued Heart - 50m - 65m Abyssal Whip - 20m - 25m Granite Maul - 2m (1m) Leaf-Bladed Battleaxe - 500k - 1m Black Mask - 30m - 40m Ancient Wyvern Shield - 75m - 80m (60m) Dragonfire Shield - 50m - 60m (40m) Dragon Boots - 10m- 15m (3m) Abyssal Dagger - 100m - 150m Trident of the...
  16. sparc blac


    Hello Noveans, Many have been asking for an updated price guide, so here it is! Feel free to message me on Discord if you have any questions (Sparc blac#8735). *All prices are going to be at least a little more than what Sigmund offers for them **The second price will be Sigmund's buying price...
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    Slayer Guide

    - Reserved for spending your slayer points -
  18. sparc blac

    Slayer Guide

    - Reserved for best tasks in depth -
  19. sparc blac

    Slayer Guide

    - Reserved for Wilderness tasks -
  20. sparc blac

    Slayer Guide

    This will be your ultimate guide to Slayer! The page will be organized from Easy -> Boss tasks (alphabetically) including locations and methods! Speak to Krystilia next to Edgeville Bank at ::home to get started! (Note: It costs 5m gp to ::resettask - 30 points to cancel a task) Easy Tasks...