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    24 Voting Mystery Box Opening + Goodie Bag

    Whatsup everybody! So, I was interested in the drop table of the voting mystery box so I collected 24... (Harder than you think despite them being tradeable) Now, I'm also doing a goodie bag for all the items I receive!!!! It will be 1-24 for the first 24 comments In the future, I may try...
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    Netflix / Hulu Suggestions For Quarantine

    Anybody got some good shows?? I’m finishing up Tiger King now and ITS WILDDDDDDD but ima need something after idc if it’s even its a good movie
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    Party's 1-99 Hunter Guide

    WELCOME TO THE JUNGLEEEEEEEEEEEEE... Ahh what a great song Welcome to the guide, everybody! This is the skill where your survival skills will be put to the test REQUIRED ITEMS: x5 Bird Snares x5 Box Traps They can be purchased from Sigmund inside the general store
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    Party's 1-99 Fishing/Cooking Guide

    What's up everyone, today we are doing some of the Chillest skills on Novea... Everything you fish, bank it so you can also cook it for 1-99 Tip: If you're fishing in Catherby, cook the fish on your way back to the bank! STORE LOCATION: - In General Store --> Sigmund The Merchant --> Scroll...
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    What Happened????

    I was straying away from making this post since the release date was pushed back THREE different times. I understood, things happen or come up that people can’t expect and that’s normal. It was completely okay because the server was still being dropped and I was excited to play. This was...
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    How To Get Rid Of Purple Outline Around Clan Members

    Some Players Might Not Have It, But It Took Me a Few Minutes To Figure It Out Thus I Might Help Someone... Step 1: Click The Configure Setting At Top Right Of Your Runelite (It's the Wrench) Step 2: Type In: "Player Indicator" and Click the Gear Next To It Step 3: Scroll Down Until You Get To...
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    It’s Party Time!!!

    Whatsup everybody!!!! Best news I’ve seen was Novea coming back, I’m an old returning player with a name change of course... Was once an eco so very fond memories indeed. I hope to get these grind started with all of y’all! Feel free to add me as talking is one of my favorite things to do
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    What Are You Doing On First Day of Release?

    Title says it all!! With one of the best RSPS coming back, I’d like the know what everyone’s plan is With only 5 more hours to go, I’m definitely grinding out my slayer & combat stats