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    Can't login

    He was logged in and could TP to him but his character was totally invisible. Wouldn't let me unlock or kick either. It thinks his character was at the home tp spot.
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    Can't login

    Your bugging something somehow.. Your kicked again. What happened when you logged out last?
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    Message Chris ;)
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    Saying that to new toxic players is not stopping them, that’s baiting them. We also would not like other new players who plan on staying seeing that it is acceptable to say fuck you to other players in the cc. Having checked this it was just a 1 hour cool down mute, hardly ruined your night of...
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    Please expand on what you are referring to and I will review the logs to assess the situation. If it is deemed the situation was not handled adequately I will revoke the offence and speak to the staff member. If deemed appropriate I will remove this post.
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    I can't sign in on the app

    I keep telling you who to contact and you keep ignoring it. Please stop posting in the incorrect locations. Your messages will be removed.
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    Click download and login with your forum user and pass
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    Nice meeting y'all!

    Hey man. Goodluck becoming #1 Iron :D
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    It should be the same password as you use for the forums - DM me on discord if you still have a problem
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    cant login.

    Sorted - Apologies for delay
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    Clue Scroll

    You gotta look at the actual clue scroll, runelite plugin is busted :(
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    Just straight shit

    There has never been a rule as to which weapons you can use in a tourney.
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    Bid Wars

    Interesting concept, hopefully i can get involved!
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    Join the skilling snakes cc Jan 1st!

    I’m in for sure!
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    Looking for a challenge?

    The 18+ requirement sounds kinda sketchy