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    14/9/21 Novea Update: Mobile Overhaul - Bug Fixes - QOL & More!

    Fantastic work, loving the updates. Good to see Novea getting quality changes that actually make difference to the player base.
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    Novea Updates 2/9/2021

    Quality update Chris & team. Something to finally encourage me to play again. I'll see you online ;) Once I remember my damn password..
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    You back on Novea woman?

    You back on Novea woman?
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    Bienvenido a Novea, la mayoría de la comunidad habla inglés, sin embargo, puedes hablar tu lengua nativa en cualquier momento. Esperamos que disfrute de Novea y de lo que tiene para ofrecer. - Imprudente
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    Is ur server down it wont let me log in?

    At the time of this post Novea experienced a server delay which took it offline. Novea is now online!
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    Rune Wars Version 2

    #TeamNirvana > I'm a rep, but I'll probably not make the event.
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    Team #Nirvana - We'll extinguish your flame, pests!
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    This is a brilliant event, I love the idea of involving the community & creating a bit of active wilderness fun.
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    Legitimately the ugliest human alive. Let's fuck.

    Legitimately the ugliest human alive. Let's fuck.
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    Novea Updates [7/08/2020]

    Thread Locked Thank you for all player input.
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    Orion PVM & PVP CLAN

    Is this clan still active, if not I'll be locking this thread in 24 Hours.
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    I will come, I will AFK.
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    Fix server xp?

    You're able to trap NPC's at Ardougne which is a much better xp method, the stalls at home give faster GP at a slower rate. This was implemented for new player & to add more GP to the economy.
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    ToLucky's Suggestion!

    Collection logs were once discussed however projects such as raids & QOL fixes took priority, I'd support this being added to the list. It'd be nice for UIM or HCIM to being able to track there progress, would be nice for PVM to be able to show off there progress.