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    Novea 1-28 Vote goodiebag - August

    Hey Noveans For this start of the month's events we'll be hosting the 1-28 vote goodiebag again! We'll be hosting the 1-28 Vote goodiebag event for the next couple of weeks. Chris will be the one giving out picks between a number of 1-28 which will correspond to an item in the following...
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    this kind of behavior is to why the server can't keep new players

    I'll issue a mute when he's online.
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    R Y A N

    Welcome back brother! Rank #14 overall on the hiscores ;)
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    Novea Bingo is back!

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    Novea Updates 6/24/2022

    Superb update!
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    when im in fullscreen mode i cant open my bank and i cant figure out why?

    It's a bug we're working on fixing ^^
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    Selling Vote Tickets

    Hey brother send me a ::discord message
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    Sounds like fun :D I'm showing up in my Mike Tyson form!
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    Patch Notes 5/27/22

    Awesome QOL update <3
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    Novea Updates 5/19/2022

    Sick update Sparc <3
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    Patch Notes 5/9/22

    Super helpfull for new players!
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    Patch Notes 4/28/22

    Mr purple ;-)
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    Patch Notes 4/12/22

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    Novea Updates 3/29/2022

    Sparc is Novea's MVP!
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    Introduction Danyon

    Welcome to Novea Danyon! Wer'e glad to have you join our community :D - Chris