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    Novea 1-28 Vote goodiebag - January

    Hey Noveans For this start of the month's events we'll be hosting the 1-28 vote goodiebag again! We'll be hosting the 1-28 Vote goodiebag event for the next couple of weeks. Chris will be the one giving out picks between a number of 1-28 which will correspond to an item in the following...
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    Done! ^^
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    Gambling Guide

    Good guide ;) soon automated gambling will be out!
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    Novea Updates 20/11/2021

    Hello Noveans, Today we have a game update with new content, revamping of older content & other fixes Brought to you by sparc blac Crystal Armour & Weapons You can kill various Crystalline monsters for a chance to receive an enhanced crystal key. You may find Crystalline monsters by using...
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    Hi all (maybe new player!)

    Welcome TeunXgoku Novea is an OSRS DEOB which means we're the same server base as OSRS which should be perfect for what you're looking for :) You can use the teleport wizard at home to guide you all around Novea. Be sure to watch the tutorial upon your first time logging in! - Chris
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    Dagg King DC/lagg lost everything

    Read your discord DM!
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    I have disabled your 2FA brother.
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    Abyssal Sire mock video Enjoy

    Great video and nice editing! Skill cape
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    Donator Benefits

    Yep we've got a whole list of new perks. Just been busy with other updates having priority ^^
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    help cant login

    Hey brother you should be able to login now ^^
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    Still logged in

    Kicked you brother!
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    14/9/21 Novea Update: Mobile Overhaul - Bug Fixes - QOL & More!

    More updates coming soon guys!
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    Novea Updates 2/9/2021

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    Teh Beast has arrived

    Welcome brother glad to have you join the Novea community! :D
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    Novea Updates 2/9/2021

    What kind of descriptions are you referring to?