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Twisted bow giveaway!

Hey guys! [Saradomin here] :)

Good day to all my fellow Novea players! As a thank you for all your continuous support and daily votes I will be hosting a twisted bow giveaway! :eek:

The selection of the winner will be random but to be eligible to win you have to do as follows: :unsure:
Vote daily! Yes! It's that simple! To vote all you need to do is type ::vote ingame then there will be a popup window in your browser. Click "vote" on all three websites and once you have done this type ::claim ingame to receive your rewards. Voting resets every 12 hours so remember to check the website once in a while to see if you can vote again. (y)

Also remember to trade "Chris T" at home your vote boxes (not mandatory but recommended) to receive a FREE 10$ Super Mystery Box! :cool:
(Here's a secret, this twisted bow came from one of the super mboxes, bet you wanna vote now huh) o_O

The winner of the giveaway will be picked on Saturday 11th. To have your name entered onto the list of possible winners pm me ingame or on discord to say that you have voted. Please note that Chris T can see the players who voted so don't bother lying! ;)

*You are only allowed to enter with 1 account (no alts), before choosing the winner there will be a review for multiple account entries, players caught will be immediately disqualified.
*You can vote on ironmen accounts but the reward CANNOT be received on an ironman account of any type.
*Failure to claim reward within a 24 hour timeframe will result in a re-roll of the bow the following Saturday.
:giggle:Lots of love from the Staff Team:giggle: