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Regarding the Presets of 9/14 Update


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This is regarding the most recent update of 9/14, as we updated the Presets to be functional, we also tried to fix the people that were abusing 1 Defence with Zerker armor on, in the attempt to fix this we ran into a problem so here is a quick tip to get around that problem until we fully fix presets.

Keep in mind if you do not swap from Pure to Main Presets and only stick to 1 Combat Bracket this will not effect you.

Currently if you try swapping to a Preset with items you do not have the stats for, you will be prompt with this dialog.


Simply all you have to do is Un-Equip everything you're wearing and set your stats to the Required levels of the items in that preset.
We're sorry for this slight bug and we understand it is very tedious, we will have Presets fully functional in our next update.

Thank you for reading.