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Fallen Angel's daily giveaway's

I "Fallen Angel" will be hosting random events everyday I am on, it will not be a schedule time for the giveaways, it will be absolutely random, unless it is a big give away, 1 or 2 players a day will be able to win up to 100m to 1billion Novea GP, the Events would be like Flower Poker tourney, Hide and Seek, Duel arena death match, etc;

You can private message me in game "Fallen Angel" or "RichyRich" or Discord me @ "FallenAngel#2622" for any help or concerns about the giveaways or in Novea in general

Thank you, And Good luck on the Giveaways :p

Make Sure you ::vote Daily to help Novea Grow, and get a good 10-15m worth of items.