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  1. Mafia

    What Happened????

    The only I can think of is the beta team were bad... the owner can't find all the bugs which popped up on his own. Whilst some of the more obvious bugs (pming, voting, donating) should of been fixed before release, we as a community can report the bugs and Chris along with the other developers...
  2. Mafia


    Welcome to the server my brother
  3. Mafia

    Help would be great

    If you're talking about the current server situation... then it's been put down due to a bug exploit.
  4. Mafia

    Novea post launch information

    Sounds good and the hype was real. Hopefully the bugs get sorted.
  5. Mafia


    The server's not up yet.
  6. Mafia

    Vote now!

  7. Mafia


    Hey, thought I'd make an introduction. I'm Mafia, 22 years old and currently work in a school. I'm from the UK and enjoy keeping fit and going to gym, but with the current situation I'm currently being a fat shit as I cba leaving my bedroom lol. I'm a PKer but will be skilling for that juicy...
  8. Mafia


    Welcome my lad, have a good time. Cya around ingame :}.
  9. Mafia

    My introduction

    Welcome bro, have a fun time. Love the Australian accent.
  10. Mafia

    My Update on Max Regular

    Good luck bro, gonna be good to see the progress.
  11. Mafia


    It's a shit situation and people are selfish. I like what it's doing for the planet since people are staying inside, but this should of been dealt with weeks ago instead of it taking this long to lock down the UK.
  12. Mafia

    3 word story

    Make a story with 3 words and keep it going. I'll begin; Today was the...
  13. Mafia

    Welcome back - Launch Info - 4 PS4 Giveaways!

    Hopefully this reaches #1. Good luck players.