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    Group Iron Man Progress (4/4 Maxed - server's first!)

    Very nice progress as usual ! Congratz on the max capes, welcome to the ps4 club ;) 3 fero gloves aswell... very impressive!
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    Novea Price Guide!

    Price guide has been updated.
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    Flower Poker Tournament - FREE BUY IN

    Hey snort, I'm sorry u feel that way, the staff team (and chas in particular) tries its best to make those events as entertaining and attractive as possible. The items that are given away are however self earned so it's hard/impossible to give away hundreds of mills every weekend or every other...
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    3 word story

    To see Chris T
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    Netflix / Hulu Suggestions For Quarantine

    Finished all 4 of those, give me something new! If you haven't watched them make sure to do so tho, absolutely amazing shows.
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    Flower Poker Tournament

    NotACatfish registering for 1st place.
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    Ironman - GWD complete (for now)

    Congratz my man, great work! Go for the cerberus next, had alot of fun grinding my pet there and had way better droprate for me than gwd ;) PS: Happy to see 600 bandos KC atleast gave me 3more boots than u got :p
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    What do you want?

    Glad to see the staff team exploring possibilities to bring a little extra into the game and asking the community's opinion! - The classic ones: Dp's, Hns, Trivia, Double PC points - x2 drop rate corp masses, but would need a lootshare system instead of most dmg getting the loot to keep it even...
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    100 elites completed - looking fancier than Chris himself ??

    Hello everyone, After my last post I've grinded abit and managed to complete my goal of 100 elite clues. In these last 40 I've managed to complete my dark tuxedo set, got 3 briefcases (had to sell1) and nearly finished my royal set so I'm very happy with those :D With the completion of my...
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    Loot from 61 elite clues

    After harassing Chris & Ari for days I've finally managed to finish my elite clue stack for the first time meaning I'm now at 61 elites completed. Thought this would be a good moment to share my current clue tab before I get back to fishing and reach those 3 digits. Don't think it's that bad for...
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    Iron Mark - Road To Max Cape #1

    Infernal cape, arma cbow, slay helm, good cash pile, ... account sure looks ready for the grind, best of luck!
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    Returning Player - A Saga

    welcome back, looking forward to meeting you!
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    1st max cape in game

    Thanks! definently the goal
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    1st Maxed (HC) Ironman - 4/9/2020

    Congratz again bro, alot sooner than I expected first HCIM to finish max cape. Especially considering u completely avoided wildy!
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    Indica's New Beginning

    Welcome to Novea!
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    1st max cape in game

    Thanks you all! :sneaky: Never!
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    1st max cape in game

    Hello everyone, After 70 minutes of rc training I'm proud to say I've achieved my goal: being the first to max on regular mode :D Big s/o to Work Ronas69 for making it a close battle, had alot of fun competing. Also want to thank Deadkid for giving me alot of tips on how to max the quickest...