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  1. Jintol

    Group Iron Man Progress (4/4 Maxed - server's first!)

    Incredible guys! Congrats all of you:) welcome to the club lol
  2. Jintol

    1st maxed regular iron

    Congrats my guy! Welcome to the club <3
  3. Jintol
  4. Jintol

    1st Maxed (HC) Ironman - 4/9/2020

    Well, after the long days and longer nights, I have finally accomplished the goal of becoming the First Maxed Hardcore Ironman and first ironman overall to wear THE CAPE. I want to shoutout Chris and the entire staff for the sever and all of the work that they put in. Also a shoutout to the...
  5. Jintol

    Novea Updates [8/04/2020]

    Great work guys, rework looks great! Excited for what's to come :)
  6. Jintol

    1st max cape in game

    Congrats Man! Huge accomplishment and incredible speed :)