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    100 elites completed - looking fancier than Chris himself ??

    Hello everyone, After my last post I've grinded abit and managed to complete my goal of 100 elite clues. In these last 40 I've managed to complete my dark tuxedo set, got 3 briefcases (had to sell1) and nearly finished my royal set so I'm very happy with those :D With the completion of my...
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    Loot from 61 elite clues

    After harassing Chris & Ari for days I've finally managed to finish my elite clue stack for the first time meaning I'm now at 61 elites completed. Thought this would be a good moment to share my current clue tab before I get back to fishing and reach those 3 digits. Don't think it's that bad for...
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    1st max cape in game

    Hello everyone, After 70 minutes of rc training I'm proud to say I've achieved my goal: being the first to max on regular mode :D Big s/o to Work Ronas69 for making it a close battle, had alot of fun competing. Also want to thank Deadkid for giving me alot of tips on how to max the quickest...