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  1. Rarely

    Group Iron Man Progress (4/4 Maxed - server's first!)

    You guys are doing fantastic! Keep us updated please!! Best of Luck! -Rarely
  2. Rarely

    Why does xp scroll stop after relogging?

    Hello there knobend , The Exp Scroll bug is known by the Staff Team and should be fixed in the next update. It is not supposed to loose the timer when you log out and back in. If you send Chris a message on Discord (Chriss#5116) and explain the situation, he should be able to compensate you for...
  3. Rarely

    (60$ Giveaway) It's time to take action..

    Fantastic video. Really appreciate how you thew in the Tournament part. Happy Gaming and Stay Safe! -Rarely
  4. Rarely

    Group Iron Man Progress (4/4 Maxed - server's first!)

    Great progression guys! Good luck to all of you! Stay Safe! -Rarely
  5. Rarely

    Can't open interfaces

    Hello there GIM Schaar , I am Rarely, one of the Server Supports for Novea. I would go to your controll panel and uninstall Novea from your pc/laptop, and delete any folders or data for Novea. Once everything is deleted, try to redownload the client. If you downloaded the regular client, try...
  6. Rarely

    How to update your Mobile Version

    -_-_-_-_- How to Update your Mobile Version -_-_-_-_- *Note: Mobile version is currently only for Android Devices. (You can get it on IPhones if you Jailbreak your phone) 1. Go to your Devices File Manager. 2. Click "Internal Storage." 3. Click the "Search" icon and type in "Novea." -...
  7. Rarely

    Loyalty Chest

    slap h0e , If you are experiencing a problem with the Loyalty Chest, take a screenshot of the issue and post it here on the Forums under support or use !ticket in #general on Discord and a Staff member will be with you shortly.
  8. Rarely

    Hello Noveans

    Welcome to Novea Ju! I'm glad you returned and hope you have a great time while you're here! Have fun and Stay Safe, -Rarely
  9. Rarely

    Party's 1-99 Fishing/Cooking Guide

    I would include that if you complete "Practice Makes Perfect" (Cook 1,000 pieces of food) from the Achievements list found in the quest tab, you gain the ability to use the Cooking Gauntlets. You purchase them through Twiggy O'Korn found in the Edgeville General store for 300k. They can be worn...
  10. Rarely

    How to Vote

    How to Vote 1. Make sure that you are using the same account on the Forums and in-game. (Both are synced) 2. To start voting, you can either type ;;vote in-game or "cast-votes" at the Vote Manager who is located in the Edgeville General Store. *The link to voting can be found here. 3. You...
  11. Rarely

    Loyalty Chest

    Hello all, Be sure to claim the Loyalty Chest every day for different rewards. The higher your claim streak is the better the rewards you get. You can find the Loyalty Chest in front of Edgeville Bank: Here is what the Loyalty Chest Interface looks like, click each box for each day you sign...
  12. Rarely

    Rarely's Intro

    Hello there everyone! My name is Rarely, I've been in the Runescape scene since 2007. I've always been a Skiller and always will be. I've enjoyed playing more on RSPS because there is more of an at home vibe and that's what I really love. I can't wait for this to release and start the grind...