Staff Applications Format

Staff Application Format Welcome - those who are wanting to be staff members will make ALL requests via this application format. Anyone who is asking for it either in-game, on the discord, or on the forums outside of this format will be blacklisted. Here at Novea we pride ourselves on having talented, professional staff and are constantly on the look out so try and make a good impression before you apply as it will go a long way, and will help with your application more than you realize. Once you have submitted your application please DO NOT link the application to staff members. We will read them all and we will get back to you in good time, either with a positive or negative response. All members of the community will, if accepted, started at the Cadet Moderator position. This is a temporary posting and can be removed at any time without warning. If you have a successful trail you will be promoted to a Junior Moderator. Good luck. -------- Format -------- [Name] [Age] [Playtime - with picture] [Forums Post Count] [Previous Staff Experience] [Why do you want to be a member of the staffing team?] [Anything else]
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    Mar 26, 2019
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