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    Novea post launch information

    Yes it is still off.
  2. CAMB

    Novea post launch information

    Game isnt running yet, we are just seeing if the louncher works smoothly, becouse before half of us had black screens and stuff
  3. CAMB

    Novea post launch information

    Yep. Works now
  4. CAMB


    Ayy, i was at your 99 fm wt party :D Good luck man, ill be following along :D
  5. CAMB

    HCIM Seduced's Introduction! (2k TTL HCIM ON OSRS) NEW NOVEA HCIM

    Hope to see some sick progress updates soon :D Good luck
  6. CAMB

    Novea post launch information

    If you're getting a black screen that means you don't have the latest Java downloaded I definitely have latest java, i have reinstalled both java and louncher, still getting black screen.
  7. CAMB

    Welcome back - Launch Info - 4 PS4 Giveaways!

    Looking forward joining the community Kappa
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    Ive even heard that it was intended as a chemical weapon in the first place but im not strong believer of that. Happily, it hasnt touched my family yet, even though we are spread all around the Europe. I personally live in Ireland and the situation here is pretty intense as everything has been...
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    Cape - Road To Max!

    Good luck with you journey, ill be comming along :D